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"So, whether you’re looking for a set of clubs to get into the game, you’re taking your game more seriously, or you’re happy being a casual golfer but want to upgrade to a higher-quality, better-looking set of clubs, Stix checks every single one of those boxes."


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"After my pleasant experience with their complete box set, I can certainly see the appeal. Golf is supposed to be fun. Sure, it can be expensive to have the most recent club technology and the flashy clubs, but it doesn’t have to be."


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"Whether you're just learning or an experienced weekend golfer, these thoughtfully crafted clubs should help you score lower and smile wider. For $900, these are an absolute steal, with quality that rivals premium sets and a silky-smooth modern style that will leave the country club old-timers gossiping."



As of April 2021, all Stix irons and wedges now feature a more durable black finish — which means your STIX clubs will keep looking like they cost 3x the price, game after game.

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Love my 5 Wood!!

I had a pretty large gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron that I wanted to fill and the Stix 5 wood has been a perfect fit. I mainly use it off the tee on shorter par 4s where I need better accuracy or my approach shot on par 5s. The look and feel of the club is great and the performance more than lives up to my expectations. That is hard to bear for a 3rd of the price of a wood from other brands

Best purchase ever

I overheard my husband and my two sons talking about Stix and how they are highly recommended by the pros and miles above other brands out there. My husband bought my sons each a 14 piece set so I surprised him with the same set. I got an amazing deal! And I have never seen three happier people than them on Christmas morning! The look on their faces was worth every penny. They were out in the yard that same day and at the heated tees almost everyday since. Yes they are a little pricey but if you never have to buy another set of clubs in your life, that makes it worth it! And the customer service is top notch! Make the golfers in your life the envy of the courses, take that step and buy them a set of Stix! You will be their hero for years to come and the more they are out on the courses, the more time you have for flea markets, painting or whatever else you enjoy during your “me”‘time. They make choosing the correct set very easy! You just need to know their approximate height! It doesn’t get any easier and it’s the gift that keeps on giving! If this hasn’t convinced you, then order a set and try them yourself. They have a significant return window but I don’t expect you’ll be returning them! You’ll be shopping for a set for yourself!

Casual Set (9-Piece)
Zac Farnworth
Great clubs

Solid clubs for the price. I love the look of them. Wish I had got the full set.

2nd full set

I bought a full set of STIX club's in October and I have been so impressed that I have ordered a second set to take to the apartment in Spain. Love them

14 Piece Set

Very happy with the purchase I made with Stix, the clubs feel amazing and the customer service was on point when I had any questions about my order.


Looking forward to hitting the new balls with my new clubs - as soon as the snow melts!

Casual Set (9-Piece)
Marc Weisman
Much better than expected

I haven’t had much opportunity to test out these new “ “Stix” yet. However, the look great, the feel great in terms of their grip, weight and balance and so far, I have improved my game, which admittedly isn’t saying much!


Great clubs and the best customer service I’ve ever had!! Great response time

Hey, Eric! Glad you had a solid overall experience. Thanks for the review!

Stand Bag
Mac Leichner

Stand Bag

Glad you're digging the bag, Mac! Thanks for the review!

Winter Golf in the NE

When you ship golf clubs to someone in New York that arrive in January, don't ask for a review until March.
Likewise, if you ship in January or February, you should offer more than 30 days.
On first glance the clubs look beautiful. You should include head covers.
Club lengths are not clear enough, I order the longer clubs and they still are an inch shorter than I would like.
Rating may change after I have a chance to use them.

Iron Set (5 - PW)
Brad Benson

These irons far exceeded my expectations. I am finally consistently striking the ball and it has made the game so much more enjoyable. They look damn sexy too...

Hey, Brad! Heck yeah. Glad you think so. We're huge fans of the irons! Good contact and distance. Glad you're digging them. Thanks for the review!

Complete Set (14-Piece)
Wan Ting Huang
Horrible late delivery!

Ordered my clubs in November 2021, still not receiving any shipping notice.
The customer service quote “will be processed in 2-week time” 4 times to me every time I asked.

The worst shopping experience EVER!

Hello! We are super sorry for the delays on this. I chatted with our fulfillment team today and your order will be shipping today! Keep an eye out for that email. If you need anything else, let us know!

Nice irons

Great for the price look and perform pretty good would recommend

Hey, Sam! Pumped you think so. Enjoy the clubs! Thanks for the review.

Other than being way behind schedule, my son loves his new clubs.

When I ordered these clubs the week before Thanksgiving, the reason I chose the stiff shaft versus the regular shaft was their website said they were in stock and would ship right away... before Christmas. Needless to say, we didn't receive them till shortly after Christmas and the good news was even though we have a 30 day trial period, my son absolutely loves them. I would give a 5 star if their website had properly informed us when we were truly going to be receiving them.

Distance Set
Arthur Drane
Great cubs!

Due to winter I have only played 18 holes with these clubs. First impression was that I felt comfortable right out of the box. Great look and feel. Looking forward to getting back out there to get more experience with them. Strong supporter of the Stix philosophy. Thank you!

Hey, Arthur! Glad to have you on the squad. Looking forward to how the clubs treat you once you get more holes in. Appreciate the review!

Stix Bundle Offer
Lucas Kephart

Absolutely excellent love every part of the bundle including the value!

Hey, Lucas! Glad you're digging the clubs! Thanks for the review!


Good shit

Stix Bundle Offer
Lawrence Borha

I haven’t yet given the clubs a try because we are in the middle of winter, but I will leave these clubs a review after I have used them for a while.

Hey, Lawrence! Patiently waiting for Spring on our end as well. Let us know what you think once you're able to use them!

Stix Bundle Offer
Mauricio Perez
Amazing Clubs and Service

I was really concerned about this new clubs and they are fantastic!!! I love them and also everybody in my Course love the design and color. My Pro tries them and tell me they are really good! The price is really affordable for the quality. Besides that, my Bag came with a defect and I contact Stix service and they send me a new one no questions attached to Mexico for free..!
This is really remarkable for how Companies should try their customers. I am always referring people to buy as I am really happy!

Peter Crowley
Worth Every Penny

This is a great driver and a even better price. Only suggestion i would have is allowing extra stiff shafts to be attached to the driver.

Hey, Peter! Happy to hear you're liking the driver. Appreciate this feedback! We'll absolutely dig into this idea. Appreciate the review!

Henry Stines
Great Driver!

The Stix driver looks great and plays even better. I have only played a few rounds with it yet, but it is here to stay. I have been hitting balls farther than ever before, and right where I was aiming. Thanks Stix for making affordable clubs!

Stix Bundle Offer
Brian Lang
Great clubs

I love my new clubs and . I took them to the driving range and were great. I am taking them out to the course the next two weekends. I can’t wait

Hey, Brian! Glad you're enjoying them so far. Let us know how they treat you on the course! Thanks for the review!

3 wedge set

great wedges for the price!!! can't go wrong

Hey! Pumped you're a fan of them. Thanks for the review!

Pleasant Surprise!

When I was younger, I was a low handicap golfer. Two major shoulder surgeries caused me to stop playing since I just couldn't do what I used to do. Now at 65 and retired, I got a senior set of Stix for both my wife and I to play socially. These clubs are so easy to swing and make contact that my 1st day on the range brought back old memories! Great value, great product!

Great company, great clubs

Very happy with the clubs! Stix are great, customer service was super helpful with anything I needed and the clubs came in perfect condition. 10/10

Hey, Jesse! Glad the clubs and overall experience was solid. That's what we're all about. Get some swings in for us! Appreciate the review.