High performance for half the cost. Complete set for £899.
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"Coyne cites Harry’s Razors and Dollar Shave Club as the Stix Golf model as companies that offer a lower-priced alternative to established names. He puts the Stix set as occupying a space between the discount box sets at sporting goods stores and the $3,000 that could be spent to buy a full set of premium clubs."
"... the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price...The Stix clubs are manufactured by an established OEM that makes components for many of the big brands and they feel as good as they look."
"By identifying a potential value gap in the golf club market, Stix has positioned itself well to tap into a robust consumer base in one of the nation’s biggest participation sports. And since more than 2/3 of golfers can’t break 90, there are plenty of participants out there more concerned with experience over technology."
Awesome Clubs
Great clubs! feels good to have a complete set that is just as good as the top name brands for a fraction of the price.
- Chris (Stix Customer)
Great Value
You would think these sticks would be bad quality or lacking in one way or another - that is far from the truth. You WILL play better golf with these over a beat up pair of second hand clubs. Couldn’t recommend a better set at the
- Addison (Stix Customer)
Best clubs I’ve had
A friend told me to try these out. I bought them and they have exceeded my expectations. They are the best clubs I’ve had. Everyone asks me what clubs I have while on course or driving range. It’s fun to be able to share my experience with others.
- Anders (Stix Customer)
This driver REALLY impressed me. This package set could get big brands VERY WORRIED.
- Rick Shiels (Yes, that Rick Shiels)
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Enjoy sleek design engineered for maximum performance and durability — without wasting your money

Origin Story

After 20 years of playing weekend golf, our founder decided he was ready for a more serious set of clubs. The problem? The next step up only offered two dead-end options: a “beginner” set, or a pricey à-la-carte set for well over $2K.

He was stuck.There just had to be a brand offering modern, high-tech clubs for other golfers at his stage –but there wasn’t. So, like all good entrepreneurs do? He rolled up his sleeves...and began to build Stix.

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